script to import text file and parse info into DT fields

Let’s say that I have a text file that is structured with metadata on top, and the actual “note” following, like this:



Is it possible to write a script that would import this note into DTpro, and parse each of the lines into a particular field in DT (ex. “title” into the title field, metadata#1 into the comment field, metadata#2 also into comment field but following metadata#1, and the “note” into of course the note field)?

I have notes in other applications which can export more or less any way I want, but I want to import them intelligently into DT. Can anyone point me in the general right direction as to whether this is possible or not? Thanks.

Definitely possible. You could create a Finder droplet (so you could drag and drop files on to it) or a script that would act on already imported notes or even a folder action script. Not necessarily a piece of cake for a novice, however. Is this something you’ll need to use often?

Most of the data elements you see in DT can be manipulated via AppleScript. For examples look at the mail-import scripts supplied with DT.

Yes. I find TinderBox great for certain types of note taking and idea-jotting; I also use it as my “diary” and commonplaces book. However, when a note or piece of writing is done, I often do want it to be brought into DT so that I can have it enter the whole AI “see also” and auto-wiki link process with my other accumulated thoughts, writings, clippings, and articles.

I do not know AppleScript. Or Html. Or any of such markup/programming languages, though I am beginning to realize that learning some of these things might be the equivalent of learning to type. Anyhow, if anybody could provide a pre-existing example script for me to try to manipulate and learn from, or wants to lend a hand, I’m sure it would be greatly appreciated!

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