Script to paste clipboard to new markdown file

Hi. I’m new to Devonthink & Keyboard Maestro.

I like Devonthink’s new from Clipboard, but want to create a markdown file instead – so trying to create a Keyboard Maestro script to achieve that.

But I’m not able to figure out a simple way to do it. After creating a markdown file, didn’t find a simple way to switch to the content section etc. I feel like I’m missing something and complicating the script. Here’s a screenshot of what I’ve done so far.

Would appreciate any advice on how to manage this. Thank you.

How about using Applescript

Don’t have any experience with applescripts but was thinking of trying to write a script to achieve this.

But was hoping that there was a way to achieve this without a script — in case I was missing something obvious.


So tried it out – wrote my first apple script and it worked!

I’m getting the clipboard, certain a markdown file with the clipboard contents, and the title with a truncated version of the clipboard contents. It’s working perfectly.


I can’t remember where, but I have already posted a script to do just that here in the forum.

Congratulations! It’s a good feeling, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

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