Script to rotate a PDF

I was hoping to use the supplied Rotate Right script to rotate a single page PDF. I have several of these, so rather than have to select each one and to a keyboard Rotate Right, I have copied the script to the toolbar so I can use it from there, but it doesn’t seem to work on a PDF (as it doesn’t recognise it as an image presumably).

Is it easy to modify the script to rotate PDFs (or do I need some lessons in scripting in DEVONthink)?


DEVONthink doesn’t support this on its own but the Image Events app could be used theoretically. Currently some Images and Thumbnails scripts do not work anymore on the latest macOS releases, the next DEVONthink release will fix them.

However, it’s intentional that only images but not PDF documents are rotated, scaled etc. by these scripts. In case of PDF documents the Image Events app retains only the first page and the text layer isn’t retained either.

Thank you. I now understand why the Scripts don’t won’t work with PDFs. I’ll find another way . . .