Script to send changes back to indexed folder


I had script once that would send changes back to my dropbox indexed file. I can’t seem to find it… does anyone have access to it and can share a link?


See e.g. Moving Files into External Folder and Move to external folder items from all databases

OK - Thanks… I am still lost, sorry. It used to be just a downloadable script. I have it at home on my Mac mini, but I am out on my laptop today and wanted to install it. Do you have access to the actual script I can download ?


Downloadable attachments are usually not posted by us in this forum (we post them on the blog or add them to the support assistant instead, see Help > Support Assistant or Scripts > More Scripts…), therefore it’s unfortunately hard to tell to which script you’re referring. What exactly did the script?

I can wait until I get home. Basically, I attached it to the main folder via the Get Info panel… I think it was called Move To Index Folder… I searched, but I am afraid to download tribe wrong one :slight_smile:

Basically, when I added or changed a document in an indexed folder inside DT, it would trigger the script to update it in dropbox etc…

Then it’s probably the script posted in the thread “Moving Files into External Folder”. You could copy the code, paste it into a new script in the Script and save the script too.


on triggered(theRecord)
tell application id “DNtp”
deconsolidate record theRecord
end tell
end try
end triggered

Yes, this one (but the post needs at least 20 characters :-))

This script is pretty cool. (I can’t script at all so grateful for this being out here).

quick question, though. How can I now identify and tell all my indexed groups from not indexed ones?
what would happen if I attached the script to the entire database? (this contains indexed and non-indexed groups).

thanks in advance!

Due to the tighter integration with the filesystem, changes to indexed groups made in DEVONthink automatically propagate to the folders in the Finder.

How can I now identify and tell all my indexed groups from not indexed ones?

  1. There is a property icon that appears as a small Finder icon to the right of indexed items.
  2. Do a toolbar search for item:indexed kind:group.
  3. Use Tools > Filters > Info and change the File Location dropdown to Indexed.