scripts not syncing with new sync?


I realise this may be the wrong forum but before I do exhaustive checking and file a report…you’ll see why I’m asking!

It’s very simple. Scripts stored in Devonthink do not sync successfully here across Macs. I have a syncstore. Scripts that work fine on my Mac Pro are unopenable on my MB Air.

This is DevonTHINK Pro (not office) 2.9.1.

Which version of Mac OS X do yo use? And what kind of script (e.g. .scpt, .scptd, .applescript)? Thanks!

Over here a simple test (.scpt, .scptd, .applescript) was successful.

Compiled script files (.scpt, .scptd) may not be compatible across different versions of OS X

The may require recompilation from a text file (.applescript) copy