Scripts seem to miss in App support/Devonthink Pro/Droplets?

I just noticed a kind of discrepancy between DTP Help (chapter Droplets, Finder plugins, PDF Services) and the actual content of my folder Droplets located in Application support / Devonthink Pro.
I am not able to find the droplet called “Import PDF as Text Droplet” while it is mentioned in DTP Help.
I have not found it either in the Extras folder delivered recently with the 1.3.2 release.
Does it mean that this script is not relevant to DTP (if yes, why?) or did I miss something at time of installing the 1.3.2 update?
Thanks for your clarification :slight_smile:

The droplets are located on the downloaded disk image (“on the disk image in ‘Extras/Scripts/Droplets.’”)

I know that Christian. Above I wrote “I have not found it either in the Extras folder delivered recently with the 1.3.2 release.”
That’s the reason why I am asking for it :smiley:
Note: the Droplets folder I received with Extras/Scripts consists only of 4 scripts, Import Appleworks, Import Droplet, Import Unstyled Droplet and Index Droplet. Should not that be 5?

Perhaps that droplet was eaten by a gremlin as it was being saved to the Extras folder.

As a temporary workaround, import a PDF, select it in the database, choose Data > Convert > to Plain Text (or to Rich Text). Then delete the PDF file.

If the PDF had a simple layout, the text version will be easy to read. If the PDF had a complex page layout structure, the text may pose some puzzles as to continuity.

Thank you for the temporary workaround Bill.
I do not know whether it is about gremlins or could be my house built on an indian cemetery :smiley:. Anyway, I confirm that the Extra folder of the dmg file does (did) not contain that script and I would really prefer getting it. Any chance :question:

This droplet doesn’t exist anymore for a long time (at least 12 months) due to a revised AppleScript suite.

Oops, documentation updated. Sorry!

Thank you to all.
As far as I understand, I will not have the chance to get this famous droplet. Therefore, the only way to deal with PDF documents is either to import them as PDF+Text or to use Bill’s workaround to have them as pure plain or rich text. Correct?
A bit disappointed as the “droplet” mode seemed to be very helpful. Anyway, I will survive without :frowning:.