Scrivener for iOS is arriving soon

Literature and Latte announced that the long-anticipated version of Scrivener for iOS will be available for the public on June 20. Scrivener has always been an excellent companion of DEVONthink for any kind of writing project.

July 20.

Haven’t looked forward to an app release this much in ages. Must calm down, so as to lower all sorts of expectations. 8)
But yes, the geek in me is looking forward to give it a whirl.

Hoping that somewhere down the line, Scrivener (iOS), DTTG and BEOT will learn to play along with each other as nicely as the Mac OS versions do currently - would be an almost-perfect trifecta for Mac /iOS productivity - certainly in the academic field, and no doubt many others… ? :mrgreen:
(I learn something new every day.)

I don’t know what BEOT is. The Scrivener app looks like it will be interesting. I’ve enjoyed syncing through plain text apps (elements -> notesy -> byword) over the years, so I’ve never felt a burning desire to have Scrivener on the iPad, but I admit that it might simplify things, especially when I am away from my computer for long stretches.

BEOT - I would suggest “Bookends on Tap” (the ios-version of the reference manager Bookends) as solution.


Nice. I wish we had somehow worked beot into the conversation, but BEOT (the app) is beautifully done, and I recommend folks give it a try if they haven’t yet. I’m not terribly concerned about getting it plugged into Scrivener or DT, but that’s because I like to roll my own bibliographies and footnotes. I am kind of old school like that.

Apologies - yes, Bookends(BE)OnTap. :blush:

As it stands, when entering citation/reference links into Scrivener from BE12, I prefer to use the complete citation link approach [author, year, #UniqueBE12ReferenceNumber @pages], as opposed to the shortened version of simply [author, year, @pages].

I do that mainly since the unique reference number (which is obviously visible) helps minimise issues when I compile and convert, with confusion arising (were I to only use the shortened version) where there might be 2/3/4 articles by the same author in the same year, or even worse - a duplicate entry for the same article in my BE12 library. My being able to see that unique number, helps me - whilst writing - to be consistent and ensure that I am referring to the correct reference at all times.

I’m hoping that when Scrivener for iOS arrives, given that Keith has made provision for footnotes etc. in the new app, I’ll be able to (in the hopefully not too distant future) call up split screen/slide-over with BeOT, find the correct citation, tap the button, and have that drop the citation link (as it does currently in Scrivener<>BE12), back over in Scrivener iOS…

The cherry on top, would be having similar functionality with DTTG2, where I can open the latter, and call up the item-link of File yyy, and have that paste back into Scrivener iOS as well…

I’m sure that is far more complicated than what I can possibly imagine, since it would involve an item-link that is static, be it back in DB1 on Mac A, or DB4 on Mac F, or DB1.5 in DTTG2 - but still, would be fantastic…

That way, whether you’re in front of your Mac, or iPad, it doesn’t matter.
Data on iOS/Mac OS still points to the same place, and tapping those links calls up the same file, irrespective of what device is in your hands/in front of you… [Unless you don’t want that… :laughing: >> hello complexity!]

Agreed. Their sync is virtually bomb-proof! 20GB DB, annotation metadata and PDFs, transferred in minutes without an issue, and instant sync-up whenever I need to get things back into BE12. Have yet to have an issue with it. Hope I haven’t tempted fate there… 8)

Remember to upgrade to Scrivener 2.8 on macOS for integration with the iOS app on Scrivener Day.

Thanks! “Scrivener Day” is a nice one. Let’s hope the rollout goes well.

Scrivener was release today on the App Store. Looks great.

Downloaded. Looking forward to using it. The Mac version is a superb writing tool, and if the iOS version is even half as good it will be well worth the money.

Scrivener on the iPad is wonderful. It’s great to have my research in DTTG open on the right, and my manuscript open on the left in the split screen on the iPad. I wish I could have had this setup years ago when I was working on my dissertation, but now I have one more excuse to get to work on the book.

Indeed it is. Quite wonderful for v1.0. Have also noticed a few users from here posting very helpful tips in Scrivener’s forum 8)

I suppose that now it is time to have DTTG 2 soon! Please, we are waiting for this for ages!
Emilio Speciale

I’ve been beta testing both iOS Scrivener and DTTG 2.0 for some time now. They are a fantastic combination. With both of them installed, my iPad Mini with external keyboard has pretty much replaced all other notetaking solutions.


Great news!
I would appreciate to have a date for the release for a product I paid more than 3 years ago!