Scrivener metadata & structure import

Now that DEVONthink supports metadata in the same manner Scrivener does, is there a way to import a Scrivener project to DEVONthink 3 and bring over Scriveners metadata and folder structure with it? I know Tinderbox is capable of importing a Scrivener project with all of its containers and metadata. Is there a way to import a scrivener project into DEVONthink besides exporting Scrivener project as files and folders and then importing that into DEVONthink? Curious to hear how other folks are doing to import data from Scrivener. Is there any metadata integration support for any other tools out there, and if not, will DEVONthink provide support for metadata integration in the near future?

No, this is not possible and there are no current plans I am aware of.

Also note Scrivener has no AppleScript support so that’s not a potential avenue.

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You’re welcome.

Scrivener uses RTF files (at least last time I checked). Open the Scrivener bundle document and perhaps you can manually copy the file tree into DT. However file names do no match the correspondent caption in the document. They use to be bare numbers: 1.rtf, 2.rtf or so. Same with folders.

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Just send a zipped example project to cgrunenberg - at - and I’ll check whether there’s something easily reusable inside. Obviously I don’t use Scrivener :slight_smile:

Hello was there a process to move files from Scrivener over into Devonthink? If there is, can someone point me to the process for doing so.


Welcome @mblackwo
Are you transitioning to DEVONthink?

It depends what you mean with “files”. If you refer to Scrivener’s text chunks or reference materials you could easily drag and drop them. Or export them.

Since Scrivener uses RTF as a text format that is no problem at all. Neither are the reference files which can be common file formats like PDF, images, audio and video—which DEVONthink of course can handle too.

But what you move is only the data and no meta-data.

I’m looking for the same info–step-by-step instructions on moving the documents within a Scrivener project into DT3.

Can you clarify your intent, e.g., moving from Scrivener to DEVONthink?

I use both Scrivener and DEVONthink quite a lot. When I want to move things from Scrivener into DEVONthink, I use the cursor with trackpad to “drag and drop” from Scrivener to the target DEVONthink group. Works the other way too. Works every time.

Most importantly, as Scrivener’s purpose is to facilitate the writing of final documents (assembling all the bits into one document), sometimes I’ll compile into PDF and make the target the DEVONthink Global Inbox folder.

I think to expect to support “source” files from Scrivener folder structure into DEVONthink to work as one may assume is unrealistic.

As BLUEFROG asks, what is the intent/purpose of what you ask?

Thanks. The drag and drop does the trick for me.