Scrolling arrows

I am having a bad day! The scroll bar in DEVONagent does not have the little arrows at top and bottom of the scroll bar and I have a mental block :blush: on how to get them to show! Anyone help please? I am using a Macbook Pro with OSX 10.8.4.


The only settings coming to my mind are the ones of System Preferences > General. Which window are you using or could you post a screenshot?

Thanks cgrunenberg. Here is screenshots of my General System Preferences and DEVONagent window, hope this helps. As you see there is nothing in the preferences to activate these arrows. They are also absent in all windows!

Sorry, seems to be two images of my preferences window in my last post. Dohh… :blush:

Arrows in the scrollbars went away with Lion.

Oh!! But thanks.