Scrolling doesn't work with some web archives

The title says it all. Sometimes I can’t scroll in websites I clipped to Devon Think. That means I can’t do it in the three pane view. I can use the cursor keys to move, but I can’t use the touchpad. The weird thing is, that works on some sites but on others it doesn’t. I tried to search the forum, but I found nothing, so here is my first post. Glad to be a part of it. :slight_smile:

P.S.: I’m new to dt and all its powers so maybe I just oversaw something. Any pointers are appreciated.

Any particular site you can replicate this with?

Does touchpad scrolling work if you switch to a different view when it fails in Three Panes?

Hey folks,

thanks for your questions and suggestions. Sadly/luckily, I can’t replicate the problem any more, so it might have been a problem that sat in front of the screen (me, beeing not very smart).

Thanks a lot anyways!

No problem. Let us know if it occurs again. Cheers! 8^)

I have noticed this for some with live web pages. And it is absolutely inconsistent. This morning would not scroll, but then when I opened it again four minutes later it scrolled very well.

Same behavior:

I’d ascribe the lag in scrolling to a possible combination of factors. A site that has a lot of media to load – or links to external sites that are themselves slow to load, might suffer from scroll lag. The 3quarksDaily site seems to fall into that category from time to time. WRT Arts & Letters Daily, over here I’ve often seen it take quite a while to load and scroll. Perhaps their server cannot take much load? Just speculation. But web archives don’t guarantee faster load times (and therefore faster response on scrolling).

I am having just this problem — frequently, but seemingly randomly. Doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the type of page or content. Just resolutely refuses to scroll — until you close the tab and open it again, after which it usually works. Frustrating!

I am having this same issue and have had it for a while. Randomly I am unable to scroll certain web archives forcing me to close and re-open the program…no pattern detected.