Scrolling within a document

Is there some way to use the arrow keys to scroll within a document? I mean, I want the page to scroll up or down line by line. I see that Ctrl-DownArrow will page down a page, and Cmd-DownArrow will go to the end, but I can’t find anyway to just scroll one line at a time, gradually, as I read a document.

What kind of document? Almost every document should support this.

Most of my stuff is just rich text format. It’s never worked for me in Devonthink, over many years. I’m wondering if there could be some Mac setting that’s stopping scrolling?

The up and down arrows just move the cursor around, and even when I use them like that, when the cursor gets to the top of the page, the scrolling jumps many lines and I lose my place reading.

That’s the default scrolling handling of the text engine of macOS, should be identical to e.g. TextEdit and many other apps.

OK, thanks. Spent a while looking for some way to do line-by-line scrolling in TextEdit, etc., and couldn’t find anything. And nothing in the Accessiblity controls (Mouse Keys, etc) that would impact scrolling either.