Search box color since 2.7.4

Hi. Since the 2.7.4 update from yesterday, text entered in the search box is white on very-light-grey. Seriously. Please fix. Thanks.

iPhone 6s, iOS 13.1.2, Dark Mode.

Hi. In addition to the comment by Altostratus. I would like to point out that when performing “search” on iphone Devonthink to Go, the search result is not preserved after you click one of the “results”, i.e. after checking a document and clicking “back”, the search result is gone and you will have to perform search again. This is very time consuming when you have lots of documents. I wonder if that can be fixed too, thank you.

Good ol’ dark mode is the issue. I hope it gets fixed soon or my late night organization sessions will always have this hiccup.

same here (iOS 13.2, DT2Go 2.7.5 (16375) - didn’t realize this depends to dark mode :slight_smile:
And it’s pretty difficult to read the scope section @BLUEFROG could you please take a look to that, thank you.

Yes, this is related to using dark mode. I can’t give any timeframes but the issue is under investigation.