Search by file type finds only instances INSIDE documents where the string appears

Update: Solved. Thanks all

This shouldn’t be complicated but for some reason…

I am trying to search all open data bases for certain file types so that I can remove unsupported file types.

Example: Looking for Apple Pages documents. I search for the string *.pages and all it returns are documents where the word “pages” appears in the name of the document (exclusive of/ignoring the extension) or in the document itself. (By “exclusive of/ignoring the extension” I mean that it doesn’t even find the docs with the extension even tho that is part of the file name. So a search for *.pages does NOT find a document called Book_Report.pages, but it does find doc called Book_Report_Pages.pdf. Same with .numbers or .rtfd, xml, .webarchive, etc.

I found a post where the tool Edit>Find>In Database was suggested. That doesn’t do anything at all.


A screen cap of a search would be helpful.

search extension==pages
Screen Shot 2021-05-02 at 17.20.29

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In case of Markdown *.md this didn’t find (all?) Markdown records for a very long time, it was necessary to use filename:>.md instead. However, testing extension==md again it now does work as expected.

So if you think that extension== doesn’t yield correct results it’s always possible to search by using filename:>

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Wildcards are applied to words (but not to complete strings), therefore this is identical to only searching for the word pages.

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Hope your search problems have been resolved
I was wondering about your comment on removing Apple Pages “unsupported file types”

Why are you removing these documents?
Apple Pages are my go to format for word processing and I store them in DT
It renders well for viewing both in DT and DTTG, and easily edits with the open in function