Search by file type?

Hello, I’m back on the DT forum with a question that’s been kicking around my head for about a year or so and I’ve finally built up the drive to post it here…

Is there any way to limit a search by file type? Is there a simple operator that I could type into the search box, something along the lines of “austerity OR austere type:docx”?

Thanks in advance…

A quick approach, in the Find box (Edit > Find > In Database, is to use the extension, e,g, .docx, So typing

(Time AND Sheet) AND .docx

and limiting the search to “Name”, would find documents whose name contains the string “Time Sheet” and whose name ends in “.docx”.

Or, you can open Search, navigate to the Advanced pane, and set the advanced parameters to “Filename ends with docx”.

To follow up on korm’s correct comments… your particular search could also be addressed like so…

Noting the question mark matches a single character.

Noting the asterisk matches one or more characters.

Thank you both for your replies.

In my case, I’m generally searching for strings inside of the content of my files. Assuming that there is no way to include the filename string within a content search using the Find box, I’ll stick to the advanced search option for now.