Search/Convert EML Attachments

Hello! Is there any way to search within the contents of a PDF attached to an EML email that’s in DT? Or otherwise batch convert all the EML attachments to an independent PDF or any other searchable format?

Essentially, I have a bunch of EML emails and I need to filter them by words that are not in the email’s body, but on attached PDFs. I would appreciate any ideas!


There’s an Applescript in the scripts folder
It does a good job of separating attachments from the .eml file
Screen Shot 2022-05-07 at 11.38.10

A bit more complicated than @DTlow’s suggestion is this script I’ve written: Separate/import e-mail attachments for better search V2. I’m using it to import all my e-mail and automatically import attachments (Auto-import new mail to DEVONthink)

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Thank you! Couldn’t find a “Mail Scripts” category within the Scripts menu, nor within the “More Scripts…” option. Maybe it’s because I am not using DT with Apple Mail. I don’t really use Apple Mail; the EML files I need to search come from someone else.

Thanks! I think this will do the trick. Greatly appreciated!

You’re welcome.