Search does not show PDF

i have added this PDF [1] to my database.

When i type “Futzing and moseying” into the search text field, it is the only document showing up. Great!
When typing “Futzing and moseying:”, the document is gone, nothing else shows up.

Why is that? I often copy/paste titles into the search to find exactly the PDF and often encounter it not working. What do I have to do to make it work?



It’s working as expected here.

  • Do you see the same behavior with the PDF in another database?
  • Does it persist after quitting and relaunching DEVONthink?
  • Tried it in both Global Inbox and a database. Same issue
  • Restarted the ipad and same issue. While typing and after pressing Search too

Ahh… okay I got it to reproduce. @eboehnisch will have to look at this, but in this case, is there any point in including the colon?

Really only because I copy and paste titles and whatnot. Often I don’t even notice the special characters :frowning_face:

The colon is a marker for DEVONthink To Go that you’re referencing a field. Hard to distinguish between using a colon to address a database field vs. just adding it by accident.

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i didn’t realise that “moseying” is a database field. Kidding. How is it hard to distinguish unless the word in front of the colon is a db field?

Well, we could do this, but haven’t done so so far, I’m afraid.

Given the ability to have custom meta data, probably a lot harder than simply deleting the colon from your search term. If it’s really a problem, it would probably be a lot easier for you to create a script in something like Keyboard Maestro to strip out the colon when you’re copying the title.

@RobH even with custom metadata it isn’t harder, just a higher probability of not ignoring it. And this is for ios. Keyboard Maestro unfortunately doesn’t run on ios.