Search doesn't find document which is in the database

I have a Markdown document with the name “Order of Apps in Sharing List”.

It is synced to all my devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad), i.e. I can see the document on all devices in the group it is in (Inbox of one of my databases).

However when I try to find the document on iPhone or iPad via Search using the search string order apps name:sharing it does not show up in the result list.

Why? And what can I do about it?

Does order apps sharing work?

No. :frowning:

With order apps sharing I get a long-ish list of documents back, but not the Markdown document in question.

ps: On my mac in DT3 the query (with or without the name: scope qualifier) works perfectly.

Maybe the full-text index has become out of sync. Please try to visit the app’s help (from the ? button on the database screen), then navigate to Appendix > URL Commands. Execute the Reindex maintenance command and let it rebuild the index. Does that help?

That was it! Thanks Eric!

I kicked of a Reindex which took quite a while, i.e. over night, but now I find the document in question. Yipee!

BTW, the UI for the reindexing progress is sooo much clearer now. Helps a lot to keep me confident in the procedure…

Ah, great that we were able to solve it so quickly :slight_smile:

re-building index is a every three weeks routine for me. I just do it to ensure everything gets found.

Hmm, this shouldn’t be necessary, of course, so any hints as to if there’s something common about the items that are not found without reindexing would be welcome.

thanks for your feedback, unfortunately no - I practice this since at least one year (maybe time to re-check if still needed) because there have been missing items on a regulary basis (search by content and/or tags if I remember correctly).

How do you know when re-indexing is complete?

(I’ve gotten two pop ups on iOS:
Preparing items for reinsexing
Items prepared for reindexing.)

After seeing those two Pop ups, I tried again searching by content and still didn’t find the expected document.

It should report indexing is complete.

Tap the ?. What is reported in the number of items in DEVONthink To Go?

Sorry for the long delay in my response. Very busy life.

What is reported in the number of items in DEVONthink To Go?


  • Is DEVONthink To Go’s Settings > Previews & Spotlight > Spotlight disabled?
    • If so, enable it and see if indexing progress appears.