Search doesn't find document which is in the database

I have a Markdown document with the name “Order of Apps in Sharing List”.

It is synced to all my devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad), i.e. I can see the document on all devices in the group it is in (Inbox of one of my databases).

However when I try to find the document on iPhone or iPad via Search using the search string order apps name:sharing it does not show up in the result list.

Why? And what can I do about it?

Does order apps sharing work?

No. :frowning:

With order apps sharing I get a long-ish list of documents back, but not the Markdown document in question.

ps: On my mac in DT3 the query (with or without the name: scope qualifier) works perfectly.

Maybe the full-text index has become out of sync. Please try to visit the app’s help (from the ? button on the database screen), then navigate to Appendix > URL Commands. Execute the Reindex maintenance command and let it rebuild the index. Does that help?

That was it! Thanks Eric!

I kicked of a Reindex which took quite a while, i.e. over night, but now I find the document in question. Yipee!

BTW, the UI for the reindexing progress is sooo much clearer now. Helps a lot to keep me confident in the procedure…

Ah, great that we were able to solve it so quickly :slight_smile: