Search exactly and only two terms

I am new with this software. I try many things and for now I cannot have the results I want.
I want to search two terms and only these two terms together without anyting else.
My search : langage bébé
I try with the tutorials and search and terms as AND , OR, NOT but in the results I had always many urls that contains no information about my search or only one of the two terms.

What I do wrong ?
Can you explain to me what is the correct construction of my request for obtaining only the two terms in the results and no other results or a few.

For now, it is more easy and efficient to use only the google search in my browser.

langage BEFORE/0 bébé

seems to return a good set of results – of course, you would have to judge if that is what you expect

I suggest reading Help > DEVONagent Pro Help > Documentation > Queries

If you type two search words with a space between them, that’s the same as typing the two words with the operator AND between them. DEVONagent Pro will return a list of search results that contain both of the search words/

Items in the results list will include only results that contain both words, even if one or both of them are not visible, e.g., perhaps embedded in the URL or keywords—depending on “Search in” settings under the search set’s Advanced tab.

I did a Web (Fast) search for your two terms and got 38 results, each of which contained both search words. Those 38 results had all been downloaded to my computer, immediately available to me. The Log showed that some possible results had been excluded, e.g. as similar or duplicative. For most of my purposes I regard this as more efficient than a Google search.

Of course, if you wish to search for the exact string “langage bébé” just enclose the string within quotation marks. In most cases, I would expect to get different results if the order of terms in the exact string were changed, e.g., to "bébé language”.

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