search existing entries in special folders/group in database

Before creating a new record, the current database is to be searched for the existence of a record with the same content:

set existingEntries to (every content in actualDB whose name is "compare text")

As an result I got sometimes a count of 1 because a record is deleted and in the trash.

It would be nice to extend the selection with a “yep:group & name of group =” or “folder = xyz.text” selector, because the same record could still be found in another Folder / Group.

Is that possible ?

You look like you’re mixing Javascript syntax in the midst of an Applescript.

I thought rather of an SQL command.

Is there an (other) solution ?

This is what I use – you can trim the excess features

tell application id "DNtp"
	set actualDB to the current database	
		set search_string to display name editor "Search Text" info "Enter text to find:"
		if search_string is not "" then exit repeat
	end repeat
	set theResults to search search_string in actualDB within text contents
        set theLocations to ""
	repeat with thisResult in theResults
		set theLocations to theLocations & the location of thisResult & name of thisResult & ": " & kind of thisResult & return
	end repeat
	display dialog theLocations
end tell

Of course, the script does does exactly what this does in Search:


I think I found another solution:

property nameDatabase : "~/Documents/My DMS/xxx.dtBase2"
property nameGroup : „/office/folder1/"
property nameDestinationMailbox : „subfolder“
tell application id "DNtp"
	set theDatabase to open database nameDatabase
	set theGroup to create location nameGroup & nameDestinationMailbox in the database
	set existingEntries to search “searchtext“ in theGroup
	set existingRecordNumber to count of existingEntries
	if ((count of existingEntries) = 0) then
		create record with {…} in theGroup
	end if
end tell

Well, OK. That’s a solution to a different problem than the OP – but whatever. It’s your baby 8)