Search for an exact phrase in Markdown document url field?

I’ve got a Markdown document with information like this:

DEVONtechnologies - Import email copies

I’ve got DTTGIndexRawMarkdownSource enabled and I want to search for the file with the exact phrase “url:”. Because of how DT work am I correct that the best way to search would be to search for the prase "url" NEXT ~

I can find the document when I just search for ~ (not sure why the ~ is needed?) but not when I specify url as additional search term. Is this because it’s (also) considered a filter?


I guess that „url:“ is not indexed as it’s simply the name of a metadata field (in the sense of MD, not necessarily DT). Is it found when you search for it?

Adding MultiMarkdown metadata doesn’t make it a search prefix. It’s only text, nothing more.

If you’re looking for text, use the text: search prefix. And enter the search quoted…

Thanks Jim - that indeed works on DT, but my question is specifically about DTTG, the same query in the same DB (with IndexRawMarkdownSource enabled) doesn’t yield any results.

There isn’t full parity of features in DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go. Things are being implemented over time, but they are different applications on different platforms with different underlying technologies, so there will be things that work differently.

Development would have to assess if this is also feasible to implement.

Understood. To search for an exact string in DTTG like above, is "url" NEXT ~ the recommended / best way?