Search for 'Excluded from Classification, Tagging etc'

Is there a method of searching for all the groups with a particular combination of Excluded from Classification / Tagging / See Also / Search? At the moment, the only way of knowing is to use the Property sheet: that’s fine for setting the exclusions, less so for identifying which are set for multiple selections. (Apart from Tagging of course, where the icon changes colour).

If there isn’t a way, could I put in a plea to have an additional Search criteria of Exclusion, please, for use in Smart Groups. (E.g. Kind = Group, Exclusion = Classification).

The reason for the request is that I use a lot of groups in hierarchies, but usually only have the lowest level of the hierarchy available for Classification and Tagging: otherwise the Classification Panel and Tag Bar quickly become very cluttered and less useful. I’d like a quick way to ensure that groups have the correct exclusions set, without having to go through each one.


Has this ever been answered ?

See my reply to you in the other thread.