Search for filename of imported files?

How can I search for the filename of an record?

As soon as I change the title of a record (i.e. the string in the record list), a search for a word which was only present in the filename (for example a reference number of a downloaded invoice) does not yield any results anymore.

Changing the title changes also the filename, therefore the former filename doesn’t exist anymore.

Thanks Christian.

Sort of makes sense, but sort of is a shame: the filename at import time is quite a valuable piece of metadata information… No a big issue though.

If you need a “display name” for the document while retaining the file name, then use Spotlight Comment for the display name – and include that property in the columns for document lists. Both Spotlight Comment and the name are searchable in DEVONthink. (DEVONthink also supports “Aliases” for a document, but for some unexplained reason “Aliases” are not searchable.)

To add to the mix: PDFs and RTFs support Titles in Tools > Show Properties, but this does not apply to other fileTypes.