Search for strings starting from beginning of line

What is the syntax for doing wildcard searches with string started at beginning of line?
I tried:
<“test string”
text:<“text string”

But both finds string entries not in the beginning of the text line. This is with DT3 btw. Also I need it for quick lookup into various language glossaries where there term is listed in the beginning of the line. Thx.

Welcome @ksandvik

There is no option for detecting the beginning or endings of lines. The indices are word-based, not line-based.

Thx for the quick info. Hm… I need to custom-tweak the dictionaries then to have a unique character like>> in the beginning to find those starting point glossary point entries then… Or, I assume I could use any Unicode character like for example bullet to indicate beginning of the glossary entry for searches.

Perhaps that‘s helpful

Hi, interesting as I could do searches and find results with Unicode Tibetan character strings…