Search for tags in DTTG

Hi! I often want to get an overview which tags in a certain area I have used (like text-search or knowledge-search)

In DT3 I can search for tags with a certain name like this:

name:search kind:tag

Anyway to do this on the go with DTTG?

You might want to tap the ? - the answer is there :wink:

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Thanks Blanc. I certainly did consult the help.

But from what I can see in there DTTG does not offer a kind filter.

Is there another way to achieve this?

From the screen which opens when you tap the ?

So whilst you can’t use kind: you can limit the search to 4 types of data, one of which is tags. Whilst DTTG will show you documents with tags matching the tag search term, that will give you an overview of the tags you have used (assuming there aren’t an enormous number of such tags at least).

The tags prefix is surely better than nothing, but cannot compare to the DT3 search. Let me explain:

Say, in my databases are 100 documents with the tag python, 2 documents with webdev-python and 2 documents with the tag python-cli. I have forgotten which tags I have with the word python, but I want to know, so that I do accidental create new synonym tags

In DT3 name:python kind:tag gives quickly the three tags I am looking for. In DTTG searching for tags:python gives me a list of over 100 documents I would need to look over… Not really viable.

So why’s the DT3 search syntax so much more powerful? I guess it is just newer and DTTG has to catch up…

The search options inDEVONthink To Go will be improved on in future releases.