Search for UUID instead of URL

I am exploring how to find all notes that I have inserted the back-link of some specific item/file. Reasons: The task is almost like a back-tracing of what I did in linking the info. I might have created too many different notes for similar topics/papers and would like to see if I should consolidate those notes.

I tried to use the “URL” in advance search by entering the UUID (e.g. x-devonthink-item://06184DDD-C7DE-4E3F-A161-C3F71054E72B) but yield no results. I am aware that is the expected outcome because URL is not the same as DT’s internally assigned UUID.

I’m wondering if this back-tracing job can only be performed by script (either by exact UUID or partial match coz the some of the same UUIDs might have search string), or would DT consider to include UUID as another search criteria, or to make the filter URL in search to be flexible enough to include UUID in the future?

Thanks again

Development would have to assess this, but a scripted solution would not be very performant.

Thanks for the info. This is not a feature request but more like a query/wish. I will still be able to identify those links by searching for the unique prefix/name I gave to those papers/documents under DT3.