Search frequency "never", but right now??

How to run several searches at once, but without selecting one at a time?

Another way to ask is, can DEVONagent have a “set” of search sets, and run all in that set with just one command?


I have 11 search sets already defined for various aspects of “Tornado”.
Only run those searches when a Tornado is approaching – no fixed frequency.

When Tornadoes are reported, want to run all 11 searches right now.
Selecting “New Search,” one at a time, is time-consuming and awkward.
Is there a way to specify running all 11 at once?

(If they run one-at-a-time, or asynchronously, doesn’t matter. What’s essential is just one keystroke or one menu selection to start all the searches in the “Tornado” group of search sets.)

Screen .jpg

Thank you.

One possibility is to create a bunch of links like this one:


Another one to use AppleScript:

tell application "DEVONagent"
	search using set "Marketing"
end tell

And the last possibility would be to try to merge the search sets if the only major differences are the crawled sites/used plugins and all other parameters are the same.

Yes, I can use those ideas.

Thank you, cgrunenberg, for quick and helpful reply.