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I have installed the script "Save to DevonThink" in a new folder PDF Services in ~/library.
The workflow is good and I can store a website in DevonThink.
But when I will search a word in this document I can not use the command "Search" from the menue.

If I store the original website with Print "Save as pdf" I can open this document in finder in preview and I can search in the pdf.

Jochen (.de)


Panther’s Quartz engine (used by DT to display PDF docs) does currently not support the possibility to search, highlight or copy text of PDF documents (Apple’s Preview on the other hand uses a private solution not available for developers).

Thanks, that is not so good.
Do know somethink about the future, you write curently?

But when I open the pdf in DevonThink I can see in the sidebar a table with
words. (Frequen (z) ?, Länge, Gewicht, Wort)

Where come they from?

Jochen (.de)

DT does store the plain text contents of a PDF document internally (either using pdftotext or TextLightning to retrieve the plain text contents, see preferences). Therefore you can search for PDF documents, classify or compare them and display a word list but you can’t search within them or copy/highlight text (due to the limitations of Quartz). But I don’t know if Apple is going to improve Quartz or make the Preview abilities public (I guess nobody knows…)

well, i search for something. DT finds the correct pdf; i right-click the pdf and open it externally (either acrobat 6.0.1 or preview) and continue the search there. its a workaround, but one that doesn’t take too uch time. its tolerable.

Oh, thank you @stephan_aus_wien

Yes, this works.
It’s not perfect but tolerable.