Search in DTTG 2.0

I am experiencing the following search problem in DTTG 2.0:

  1. I examine a result document of a search and then
  2. use the back arrow (top left of screen) to examine another result document
  3. Problem: unable to examine any other result. I am forced to cancel the search and re enter the search phrase to examine another result document.

Anyone else facing this problem?

Other than this problem: I have a had a few crashes, but nothing too bad. Hopefully these will be fixed soon.

The issue with the Search is on radar, but thanks for the report.

However, if you are experiencing reproducible crashes, please start a Support Ticket. Thanks.

So if you do 10 searches in a consecutively, you want DTTG 2 to remember the previous 9 search results by using the “back” button? Well, that is handy, but the lack of it is not a bug. You are requesting a new feature.

I’m also having the search problem you describe. It’s good to know the developers are aware. Even so, I’m enjoying this new software very much!

@raluke: Thanks (so are we!) :smiley:

Perhaps I was not clear enough: I am describing the results of a SINGLE search. Just the ability to examine more than one result of a SINGLE search.

Have the same problem :confused: