Search in Emails Database Doesn’t Work Properly

I have set up a synchronisation of my databases in DT3 via iCloud with my iPhone running DTTG. I have three databases: a private one, a professional one and all of my emails. I properly have access on the items both of the first ones with my iPhone. But the full text searching with DTTG in the emails database won’t find existing items. Same search at DT3 does find the respective items. What can I d in order to have a fully functional search at DTTG?

What did you actually search? And does the search term match the subject, the receiver/sender, the text or any attachments?

I have searched the German word freifahrt. This word is contained within the text/body of an HTML email.

  • How many emails is all my emails and was this just synced to DEVONthink To Go?

  • What about a search with another term?

  • What about a search for a term in the name (subject)?

Did you press Return after entering the search term? While typing only names are searched.

I think it’s more than 50 k emails

The search term works. But the specific one email I am searching for is not being found.

Searching for subject items works. But again, the specific email I am searching is not being found.

But now I have as suspicion: Eventually DTTG has not yet synchronized completely with the syncstore on iCloud. As far as I see in DTTG are not available the most recent emails I have imported from into DT3.

And regarding cgrunenberg: Yes, I have entered the return key.

Obviously it was a matter of patience. After more than six hours of synchronization finally all data were being available on the iPhone and full text search within all of the emails database is now – as far as I can see – properly working.

Thanks for your support!

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile: