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Till today I transferred emails by drag’n’drop into DT3 groups. Now I realized how convenient the DT3 transfer function out of Apple Mail works (in German “Zu DEVONthink3 hinzufügen”). My great favorite is the search capability. So I can select the right group very easily because I run a lot of groups.

Now I wonder: Why is such search capability not part of the sorter in the macOS menu bar or inside DT3? There I always need to know the folder first and navigate to it by hand.

Any chances that such search capability will be added to the sorter? Or does it exist and I just missed another great function of DT3?

I’m not sure what you’re referring to but the Navigation view of the Sorter has a search function to help locate groups to drop to.

Any favorited groups are also shown for easy drag and drop filing.

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The Navigation view only helps if I want to work with drag’n’drop. If you look at the E-Mail-Import searching for a group and adding a mail to the group can be done without d’n’d.

The E-Mail-Import is like a perfect hybrid of Clip to and Search. I the Sorter it only exists as alternatives: either you navigate (search) or you clip.

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Vote for this, Search in Sorter to handily quick capture

Also vote for this