Search inside (text) notes and reveal results


I had evaluated DTTG years ago and afair the search function was rather limited for my needs.
Currently using Evernote, but being more and more uncomfortable with it, I would like to shift the application.
At best DTTG would allow me to search for specific content inside - mainly text - notes/documents and show the matching documents while the word(s) I used for the search are highlighted.

Is this possible now?

Many thanks for any answer.

Welcome @indigital

You can still search databases by textual content to locate matching files but currently, in-document searching is only available in PDFs.

However, this is on our radar for future improvements. Thanks for your patince and understanding.

Thanks for your immediate reply.
While you are mentioning that this feature “is on our radar”, I tend to remember that I had read a similar comment in your forum - roughly estimated - already 3 years ago.
As it’s one of my daily routines in Evernote to search for specific key words in my content (including text notes) and get matches presented in an emphasized manner, it’s somehow a disadvantage to have such a restriction on my ios device(s).
I take that not being able to search inside text notes also applies to “clipped” snapshots of html pages of websites?

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