Search issue


I was searching for files called Zippo_VFXXX.pdf in my second hard drive with is indexed in DEVONsphere EXPRESS.

If I use Search mode and ask for Zippo_ the search goes well, but If I search for Zippo_VF the results are not good.

Also If if use the See Also mode the results are not good too…

DEVONsphere Express looks for complete words by default, therefore just use a wildcard like Zippo_VF*

Hi cgrunenberg and thanks!

If I use Zippo_VF* it seems to work.

Where still no t working is on see also search but it’s strange because another similar file names are working…

Much thanks!

See Also doesn’t use filenames, only the contents of the files are used to find similar stuff.

But why in the first screenshot is finding similar content and in the second not…

Hard to tell without having access to the files, the text contents are probably different or one of them doesn’t have any text content at all.

Ok thanks cgrunenberg!