Search issues with filenames

Apologies for such a basic question… I’m returning to DT Pro after many years (used DT about 15 years ago for a while). I’m on the latest version with a paid Pro account, and getting myself familiar with the new features. I’ve set up a test database and pulled in a variety of documents. I’m having a strange issue with search, where it’s swiftly and accurately searching file contents (including PDFs), but I can’t get it to search for file names, unless I start the search with the start of the filename. For instance, if the file’s called DevonThink, a search for “think” will come up blank. But if I start typing “Devon…” the file appears.

Is this a setting?

No. If you are looking or names, use the search prefix name:

Check out the built-in Help > Documentation > Windows > Main Window . Search Pane as well as Appendix > Search Prefixes for more information on the available options.

Thanks. Coincidentally, I was just reading that. The problem I’m having is slightly different. I’m not trying to limit my searches to file names, I’m trying to make “all possible attributes” include filenames or parts of filenames. At the moment it’s ignoring filenames entirely, unless I happen to remember the exact full name and start typing it from the beginning (which kind of defeats the purpose). As in the example above. (Presumably, if I have a file in a database called, for example, 2018accounts, it should show as a possible “all possible attributes” search result if I type “accounts”?

Is the group the files are in set to Exclude from search in the Info inspector?

Hi and thanks for your help with this. No, I’ve checked that. I can get a successful partial filename search by using a creating a specific “name” “contains” search. I was just hoping that would be part of the general search, too… which only seems to search content.

If you just enter search terms, it applies to All scopes of searching.