Search multiple folders simultaneously with EasyFind

EasyFind is great, how can I search multiple folders?

e.g. find all Photos in:

  • /Volumes/A/…/photosA
  • /Volumes/B/…/…/photosB
  • /Volumes/C/…/…/…/photosC

I see similar posts from 2004 and 2019, any updates in 2023?

discourse.devontechnologies. com/t/easyfind-search-multiple-targets/673 (2004)
discourse.devontechnologies. com/t/searching-in-multiple-folders/51926 (2019)

It’s still not possible but might be in a future release.

Is the source code available to add it with a pull request?

None of our apps are open-source or available to the public like you’re suggesting.

Ah thanks for the clarification. Can’t help in that case.

Hopefully this feature is added or the app open-sourced.

Appreciate the freeware release!

You’re welcome and who knows what the future may bring :wink: