Search No Longer Seraches

When I type in almost any text in the search field I have a hard time finding anything. I have a “breakfast sausage” in my database. I type in “sausage” and get no results. I then select the database in the side bar, drill down until I’m looking at the file and still the search can’t find it.

This never happened before.

Additionally, I’ve started using HoudahSpot to search for files: I locate it is in a DevonThink folder, open in DevonThink and bingo–I’ve got my file, but still can’t find it located in an open database.

I realize that may be two different issues but the issue is the same: Search doesn’t seem to work.

Please point me to something.

– Gerry

Maybe you excluded some top level groups from search (see Inspector General > General)? A capture of a failing search might help.

I can’t find a drop-down item named “Inspector” and in the Inspectors panel can’t find anything named general.

Nevertheless I think I might have identified some lingering scope limitation.

In year’s past it seems I could search all open databases for a single string. Now it seems I have to first select a single open database and then issue a search string. Can all databases not be searched at once?

Ahh, sorry it’s Inspector Info > Generic (I mixed up the Inspector with the preferences).

See preferences General > General. From help:

Search scope: Controls where new searches begin searching and the behavior of the Search inspector.

  • Scope Location: Set where toolbar searches should look when a new search is initiated. The options are: Last scope, Current Database, All Databases, and Current Selection.

A screen capture of the unsuccessful search in a DEVONthink window could be helpful.

Info > Generic seems to provide information on an item once inspected. I can see no way it would limit my find selection,

Preferences > General > General > Search Scope

Yes! That’s the ticket. Thanks so much!

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It would have been tough to produce an image of what I didn’t find, but Pete has cured my ills. Next time I’ll attempt to provide a visual display of my situation.