Search not finding results

I’ve been searching for “Snippet”, I don’t find anything eventhough I have the text in my database. Any ideas?

Edit: Problem solved. Images removed to clean up thread.

Try a Phrase search for “snippet” (without quotes).

Or a Wildcards search for “snippet” (without quotes).

The quotes were just here on the forum. snippet* yields some hits, but not the one I was looking for. I was looking for the QuickReply-WebYep vs SnippetMaster (as shown in the original screenshot).

I’ve done verify and repair, Backup and optimize, quit and relaunched. The funny thing is, when I search globally, I get some hits. I tried setting the search to Name from All, and still didn’t get what I was looking for.

Edit: I even did RebuildDatabase and the same results. There are no errors in the console log for DT either.


Edit: Problem solved. Images removed to clean up thread

Composing a query involves using the proper operators and syntax to pull the desired results.

If you are looking for the term “snippet” as a whole word, search for All/All Words/ignore case.

If you are looking for “snippet” but also want to pull instances of the plural “snippets”, search for All/Phrase/ignore case.

If you are looking for the string “snippet” including instances in which it is part of a longer string, search for “snippet” using All/Wildcards/ignore case.

Note that in the Wildcards search the asterisk is placed both before and after the string to be search for. In your database the string “SnippetMaster” will be found.

Such a Wildcards search will find an exact string and can also include non-alphanumeric characters such as punctuation marks, but if and only if the string also includes an alphanumeric character(s) that exist in the database Concordance.

So if I want to find all the instances of the string “Today,” in a database it can be found using All/Wildcards/Exact if the query string is delimited by asterisks. So my query term would be Today,.

If a document contains a string such as “anywordSnippetMaster” a Content/All Words/ignore case Wildcards search using the query term snippet can find it.

Similarly, one can find all the instances of “(/a” that occur in a database. The query string for a Wildcards search will be (/a. But one cannot search for “(/” as that string doesn’t include an alphanumeric character.

That Wildcards search will find the designated string in the content of documents as well as in the document’s metadata including Name, URL/Path and Comment. Although the documentation still states that Wildcards searches are limited to Name, that’s not the case now and we will update the documentation.

Note that in the current releases the search string designated in Wildcards searches is not highlighted within a document selected in the results list. The search string will be highlighted in a future update.

The ability to search for an exact string (with or without case) can often be useful. Some users employ naming schemes for groups and/or documents that include outline-type sequences including punctuation marks, such as I.A.13.(b3). Some users like to insert a marker string within a document (or within the Comment field), perhaps as a tag, or a searchable marker to a page of interest. Wildcard exact string searches expand the potentials of such marking schemes.

Phrase was the key I was missing. That returned the result I was looking for. Like I said before, I’ll be back for other questions. :smiley:

Thanks for the detailed reply. It helped me better understand how DT Pro works. It seemed to me that All Words would get it, but now it makes sense.

Thanks again.