Search not working


Started using Devonthink Pro Office and cannot make the search working.
I have a document in group “Home” with a tag “Invoice”

  • In Search window, if I select group Home, I cannot see any document (Although I have a document in Home group)
  • If select database, if I search on Home, I see my document. If I search on Home I see my document also. But if I search on Home AND Invoice, it selects nothing.

Also if I search for metadata, DT doesn’t select anything. I thought Groups and tags would be metadata, no ?

I guess I am doing something wrong or misunderstand the function, thanks for your help

If I understand correctly, you are searching for ‘Home’ and for ‘Invoice’, which you believe are metadata for group name (Home) and tag (invoice). Neither of your criteria are metadata as metadata includes such title, headline, author, etc. The metadata fields, and the document kinds that include metadata, are covered on page 141-142 of the DTPO manual. You can search on group names, and also for tag name(s) by clicking on the Advanced button in the Sidebar of the search window.


I understand about metadata but still in the search, if I select group “Home” I should see files that are in group home. I don’t see anything.

Also I should be able to select on Home AND Invoice. That doesn’t work either.

Thanks for your help

  1. No, if you set the full Search window to “All”, and search for the term “Home” (just to be sure, using the “Databases” criterion to search across all open databases), the group named “Home” will be displayed in the search results.

Select that group from the search results list and press Command-R (the Reveal command) to see the group in a view window. Select the group and you can view its contents.

  1. No, your query will always return null results, unless there are documents that contain “Home” and are also tagged as “Invoice”.

Your group named “Home” is NOT tagged as “Invoice”, so the query doesn’t return it. The search query is a logical fallacy.

If you wish to distinguish your Home Invoices from your Business Invoices, and be able to search for either, why not add “Home” and “Business” tags? Then set up searches in the Advanced button to show the documents for which both tag predicates are true?

Or limit the search to the group named “Home” and use the Advanced button to search for documents with the “Invoice” tag.



Or limit the search to the group named “Home” and use the Advanced button to search for documents with the “Invoice” tag.[/quote]
Thanks Bill, This is what I am doing and it doesn’t work. Looks like search with multiple groups / tags don’t work.

I have document A in group “Home” and tagged as an “Invoice”.
In the search windows

  1. If I select the database, and search for “Home” in search field --> It works and list all document in home group.
  2. If I select the database and search for “Invoice” in search field --> It works and list all documents that are tagged as an “Invoice”
  3. If I select the group “Home” and search for invoice in search field --> It doesn’t work.. No document are found (even that document A is in group “Home” and tagged as an “invoice”.

Interestingly enough, If I select the group “Home” and search for a word in document A, it does work and select my document. But if I search for a tag, it doesn’t work within a group.

Any idea ? Am I missing something or is it a bug ? I would think you could search a combination of multiple groups / tags. No ?

Note : Just tried again. If I select “Home”. Go to advanced and search for TAG = “Invoice”. Then it does work. So is the search field on initial screen not searching tags ? Why is it working for the whole database but not within a group ?

Thanks for your help,

Because when you are searching on the database, the search finds the tag group named ‘invoice’ (located in the Tags group). When you select the invoice tag group in the search window, then all the documents contained (that is, tagged with the invoice tag) appear below in the split window.

When you narrow your search to a specific (non-tag) group, then the Tags group is excluded from the search and no documents are found with the invoice tag.

In other words, searching the entire database as described is only searching on, and finding all groups named ‘invoice’. The only way to search specifically for tags and limit the search to specific groups is to use the Advanced criteria ‘Tag IS invoice’.