Search on Table of Contents?

I have many PDFs and need a way to search only their table of contents. DT does not support pdf-made bookmarks, and there seems to be no way of extracting pages (from table of contents) from PDFs from within DT, to place them in a folder where I could search them. As for links, these can generated but the whole work is included so search of table of contents is not streamlined, not practical at all. I know how to extract pages from within Adobe Acrobat, but it is a tedious and long process for thousands of pdfs! Also, there is no way, to my knowledge, to clip any page from a file within DT to build a folder of table of contents. Any help on this is welcome, thanks!

Make sure that the PDF Sidebar is displayed in the preview pane of the PDF and;

  1. right-click on the page that you wish to clip for a TOC,
  2. select copy,
  3. navigate to the group that you want to use to build your TOCs and,
  4. right click and choose New>With Clipboard.

You’ll get a new PDF with the page that you copied from the original PDF document. Does this sound like what you are looking for?

Thank you very much, but it works for a single page only. When TOC takes more than a page I can’t select them to copy to the clipboard.

You can copy multiple pages to the clipboard, simply by holding down the Command key while clicking on page icons. Then press Command-C to copy the selected page(s) to the clipboard.

Thanks, I was trying this on the search windows, but I realize now that I have to open a new window for each file. On another note, is there a script available that could assist in producing a TOC. Thanks for all the help, it was worth the post.