Search private wiki that requires login with every visit

After having such a great time with DEVONthink I wanted to give another DEVON product a try and downloaded the DEVONagent trial.

I would like to use it to search a private wiki, but this wiki requires a login every time it is opened. How can I setup DEOVNagent to login before every search?
I checked the manual and saw that things like “LoginURL” are supported but I couldn’t figure quite out how to use them yet.

Have you tried logging into the site in a DEVONagent browser window then doing the search? Cookies are no longer shared between apps in macOS.

If the wiki doesn’t support HTTP authentication, then the only possibility is to create your own plugin and to specify the LoginUrl/LoginPost values and to set HTTPShouldHandleCookies to true.

I figured out what happened. DEVONagent followed some links that terminated the session (like /logout). After carefully excluding all of them one by one, my session stayed logged in!

Thanks for the follow-up! :smiley: