Search problem?

DTPO 2pb7 is not finding a file based on a search term that I know is in it’s Comments field. Am I right to think it should find that file? Thanks.

Yes, but remember one point. You should consider document elements such as Name, Content, URL, Comment and MetaData as separate ‘fields’. If your query does an AND search for term x that appears in Name and term y that appears in Comment you will get a null result if the two terms don’t appear in the same ‘field’.

You can limit the searches to the Comment field if that’s the text of interest. If you were to replicate the search results to a new group, you can then search the items in that group for other ‘field’ contents. In the example above, if you did a search for term y in Comment and replicated the results to a new group, you could then search the new group for items that contain term x in Name.