Search question

I am trying OmniOutliner, and was very impressed with the way DTPO handles a file that I import into my DT database. I created the file and saved it to my desktop and then imported it into DTPO. Whether I edited it by opening from DTPO or opening OO and opening recent, my changes were seen in the DTPO preview pane! However, the DTPO search engine doesn’t find new information that I added to the document. Is that what I should have expected? Thanks!

Did you import the file or index the file? If you import an OmniOutliner (OO) file, you can open it using OO, make changes, save the file, and the changes will be visible with Quick Look in DTPO and will also be available to the DTPO search engine. If you index the file, open it with OO, make changes, save the file, the changes will also be available with QuickLook in DTPO. However, the changes will not appear in a DTPO search until the file has been updated with the ‘File>Synchronize’ command.

Greg - thanks for the reply. I imported it through the Sorter. The DTPO search engine (Quick Look or Advanced Find) is not finding the unusual word that I put in for test purposes. Based on your reply, I’ll report it as a bug. Thanks again for your response!