Search result won’t include Safari Browse History

In the Preference > Categories, next to History, I see number 1, while others showing 664, 90502, etc.
I also looked up DEVONsphere > Index folder in the Application Support folder, there are only .dsIndex file which is named from Sphere1 to 10.
Definitely my safari web browser history has been kept for a while, however, even when i tried to test search with recently visited webpage, DEVONsphere won’t show any result Under category ‘History’.

I already have tried uninstall and reinstall (including deleting DEVONsphere folder in the application support folder) and re-index, but nothing helped me to get history category search result.

I am running latest DEVONsphere version on latest version of MacOS. Any advise?

Since Mojave it’s necessary to enable full disk access for DEVONsphere Express (see System Preferences > Security).

I have followed your instruction, but still no luck.
I reinstalled DEVONsphere, enabled full disk access, indexed from the scratch.
However, browse history isn’t included in the results.
Any further suggestion? or Is there any way I can provide you a more detailed information about my usage?

I opened Bug report and my ticket number is #372744. Please have a look. Hope it helps solving my problem.