Search results in longer documents

I’ve had a trawl through the forum and couldn’t see an answer to this one. Forgive me if it’s in there.

I have a number of Journal articles in PDF+text format in DTPO. The articles are between 10 and 20 pages and I can’t really split them down into smaller units. When I search out a term I get a list of the articles containing the word. Good so far. When I click on the result (in the 3 pane view) the bottom pane shows me the first match. The problem occurs when I want to see the subsequent matches - I can’t see how to do it!!

After giving up on that one, I opened up the PDF+text file by double clicking on it but there were no search options. In the end I had to open it in Preview and use the built in search there.

Have I missed something obvious?


Just use Go > Previous/Next Highlight (or the shortcuts of those commands).

There, I knew I should have persevered! Thanks for the prompt reply.


I use highliting a lot inside my files. So, whenever I go to next highlight, it shows me the highlithing Ive done, and not the highliting of the search result.

Is there any way arround this ? Maybe a feature request ?

There’s no way around this yet but one of the next releases might improve this.