Search results in pdfs

DTTG doesn’t return any of my (OCR’d) PDFs when I perform a search. The search bar confirms these items have been indexed (i.e. The message saying that the itemS are being indexed has disappeared). Am I doing something wrong?

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Something similar happened with my DTTG sync experience.
I’ll describe my steps to clarify the ‘problem’.
For the first time I used the sync between DTP on mac and DTTG on ios device. I used a direct connection (‘Bonjour’) and selected the “Download Files” option as “On Demand”. (I followed all the steps defined on the DT tutorial -
Then I selected the database I wanted to sync and ‘voilá’! Until that moment everything had run fine.
I did a first search to test the capacity of DTTG to find one word (via metadata) without the downloaded file (I did this with a database created to test the funcionality, with somes pdf and txt files)… And the search works (three files with the desired word included on the text).
The next step was download (“on demand”) a pdf file to test other functionalities (pdf annotations, etc.). After this test I removed manually the pdf file - “purge” function.
From that moment the problems started… No more results with the same search experience. I tested the same word and no results! It seemed that all metadata was gone!
My next step was create a new text file on DTP (mac) with the desired ‘word’ on the text, sync and make a new search on DTTG. The result: the search found the ‘word’ in this new txt file but continued to fail the search inside the other 3 pdf files!
Something wrong with metadata! A sync problem? A problem with the “purge” function?
The only solution found to solve this problem was unsync and delete the database on DTTG and then resync again the same database… And start the same search… (and works!)
(After this moment I didn’t more tests…)

Trying to search PDFs in DTTG2 – I find that the search function (magnifier) is even grey out.



This is an issue with the PDF framework which we are addressing in iOS Development. You can still select a word in the PDF and choose Search from the popup menu.