Search results of DTTG (folder location?)

If I search for an item in DTTG, it shows me the file and I can open it. However, where do I see, in which folder it is located? Maybe I am just overseeing it… sometimes it would be easier to find the correct file in a search, if I see also in the search results, in which folder it is located.

You can long press on the document in the search list to get the contextual menu>Info, or if the document is selected in the search list, click on Info in the menu bar. Both options show where the document is located, and clicking on the location will switch to the document, in its location.

thank you, I did not know that… having the possibility to see the location for all search results might be great, too…

There is very limited space on an iOS device for this kind of metadata, even an iPad. It would require reworking the interface in a fundamental way and also lead to, “Why doesn’t it show the creation date… or modification date… or…??”

maybe a views selection, short list / detailed list might be an option? just as a feature suggestion