Search Returning No Results

I’m sure this is a case of PBKAC

I’m attempting to search on: “disengaged stakeholders scrum” using any web search set, I get no results.

And in the log I see the following results:

Yet when I copy the URL for the google search into a browser: disengaged stakeholders scrum filetype:pdf - Google Search I get many results.

What am I doing wrong?

This is not how you should make comparisons with DEVONagent as it’s not just a front-end to Google, Bing, etc. The only way this comparison is valid is if you’re using an Express search which returns unfiltered results but also limits the number of results returned.

And if you have been doing multiple searches in quick succession, it’s possible a search engine (typically Google) will throttle your access for a period of time.

This is what I’m seeing with a Web: Fast search…

I’m not attempting to compare DevonAgent to google. I’m trying to diagnose what I’m doing wrong. As a recovering programmer, I try to model what is happening. In this case I thought that copying a query out of the logs was a good idea.

Is there a way to reset some search sets back to their default state? Perhaps without intending to, I changed something in “Deeper”

What search set are you using?

I bounce between Deep, Deeper and Deepest. My default is Deeper.

Does the search work today?

Strangely enough it does. What happened?

It could have been search engine throttling due to the large amount of activity from DEVONagent.

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