Search returning unexpected results

This is probably a really silly question, but I just ran a search in DEVONAgent that returned results that were surprising to me. I searched on this:

("Gulf States Utilities" OR GSU) NEAR History

After watching the search return gobs of hits, I started looking at the results and the search was hitting on every page with only the word “history” in it somewhere. This is surprising to me, I assumed that it would only hit on pages with both the word “history” and either the terms “GSU” or “Gulf States Utilities”

Am I missing something here? How should this search be worded to return my expected result?

Which options were enabled in the Settings tab, e.g. should DEVONagent also match title, URL, keywords or description? And which search set or plug-in did you actually use? E.g. Express searching doesn’t crawl & match the pages but just uses the search engine’s results.

Thanks for the reply, I appreciate your time.

Sorry, should have added that. I used the “Deeper” plugin that comes with DEVONAgent. So all search options except keywords are selected. I should think that options would not matter though? If it is following my search it would require one of the other search terms in addition to “history,” regardless of where it searches for those terms. That is, I expect that “NEAR” is equivalent to “AND” in that regard. If not, that would explain the result but would still be (for me) unexpected.

It does actually, each selected field is matched on its own. Therefore a match might not be visible without having a look at the HTML source.