Search returns document without search term

I did a search for a term (it happened to be my surname) and one of the search results did not contain my surname anywhere in the document (including in the metadata). Can anyone explain how this happened and whether this problem can be avoided? Thanks.

The tipoff is that you did a search for your own surname. I’ll hazard a bet (and give you odds) that your surname does exist in that document, though you may not be able to directly display your name from within DEVONthink.

For example, I did a search for my own last name. A PDF+Text document is listed that doesn’t obviously contain that term. For example, if I open the Properties panel (Tools > Show Properties), it is blank.

But if I open that document in Preview and then open the Inspector, I see that I’m listed as the Author. That’s because the PDF was originally created as a Pages document (which had identified me as author), then exported as PDF.

To avoid that, my habit is to turn off in an application’s Preferences the automatic insertion of my name as author of any file created within that application, if that option is available.

I had used Pages as the vehicle to format some rich text captured from the Web. I wasn’t the author of that content, but had forgotten to turn off the ‘Author’ metadata insertion option in Pages.


This also happens to whenever I print to PDF. Where do I go to turn that off?