Search secured/tokenized or something?

I tried to create a plugin based on the instructions, but when I follow the instructions and copy and paste the URL, I get this after the domain name:
I don’t see how I can edit this URL as per the instructions. Options?

Could you please post the complete plugin? Thanks.

I must apologize, because I’m not sure, really, what exactly you are asking me. I was trying to create a plug-in. I have low experience doing it (though did find some instances where it was simple to do following the instructions in the DevonThink manual and delighted with the results). But the URL captured/copied using the documented method yielded the string I provided.
I presume you are looking for the address at the beginning of the string:
When I tried to provide the complete URL the security on your system would not accept the entry.

In this case the assistant is not able to automatically generate a useful plugin as the URL doesn’t include a search term.

I’ve been running into a few search pages that seem to be set up like this, particularly on government sites. I’m open to ideas from anyone on best practices for automating searches in these instances. Feels like a move is on to keep searches from coming under attack by bots, though?
Are we headed for a world of ‘register to search’ I wonder?
Thanks for your input, to keep me from barking up a tree with no cat. :wink:

It might be possible but is usually quite complicated and specific for every website as the HTML code has to be examined to figure out the necessary HTTP post.