Search sent result to DT

I find the currently available options to store a search result from DA into DT a bit limiting. Rather than having DA send the results to the currently opened database, I would like to be able to direct to a specific database. I am generally all over the place in DT and cannot be trusted to leave it in a specific state where I want my scheduled searches to go. Additionally, it would be good if we can specify a tag all the search results were to be tagged with. With multiple different searches running in a week, tagging would make it much easier to separate them.

Hopefully these suggestions find mutual interest and may find their way to a DA version sometime.

Change your import preferences in DEVONthink (Import tab) destination from Inbox of current database to Select group. With this change, you will also be able to assign tags to the imported results.

Ah, hmm, not sure if that does what I thought I needed.

This is actually an issue for DA not DT - sorry I posted in the wrong group. From DA I want to be able to designate the search result destination - for each search set. I should have been more clear in my original post.

If you have set DEVONthink’s Preferences > Import - Destination to Select group, you will be able to send items from DEVONagent to any group in any open DEVONthink database. Isn’t that what you wish to do?